Real Estate & Construction


We provide support in all matters related to real estate and the investment process. We provide comprehensive assistance both in administrative and civil matters related to acquisition of real estate, its developments and modernization.

The members of our team have a wealth of experience in handling real estate issues, including:

  • real estate due diligence processes
  • real estate transactions, including establishing securities and securing financing
  • proceedings connected with the division of real estate, obtaining decisions on building conditions and building permits, and in matters regarding repealing local master and zoning plans
  • processes aimed at clarification of the legal status of real estate, including restitution matters
  • negotiations of lease agreements of commercial and office space
  • drafting and negotiating contracts for processes related to the modernization of public utility buildings, including through the B2G model

Our team has extensive experience in handling real estate and construction disputes. In particular we have:

  • represented investors, general contractors, subcontractors, and architectural firms at all stages of disputes related to the performance of contracts for construction and design work
  • represented clients in disputes with public authorities in matters regarding the perpetual usufruct of real estate, including in disputes concerning the establishment of perpetual usufruct, annual fees, and additional fees for the non-development of buildings
  • represented residential developers in disputes with flat owners and housing communities regarding the alleged defects of residential buildings