Data Protection & Privacy


We provide assistance in the protection of personal data and all other company information that can be legally protected. We take a comprehensive approach when it comes to protecting our clients’ information, developing solutions adapted to individual needs and the characteristics of a given business activity.

Our advisory services cover the protection of personal data as well as issues related to professional secrecy, safeguarding trade secrets, and the protection of confidential and commercial data, which includes:

  • conducting audits of personal data protection and other legally protected information
  • drawing up consent forms for the processing of personal data, depending on the type of data and source of their collection,
  • assisting with the implementation of legally required documentation and procedures for the processing of personal data (e.g. under the GDPR), in particular security policies, system management instructions, authorizations to process personal data
  • drawing up a privacy policy and a strategy for safeguarding confidential information
  • assistance in the drafting and negotiating of contracts (including data entrustment agreements), and drafting clauses related to personal data protection and secrets protected by law
  • legal assistance concerning the protection of privacy on the web, in particular the protection of personal data and personal rights on the Internet, at every stage of a dispute
  • consulting with personal data protection officers (DPOs), IT network administrators (ITNAs) and processors, and anyone else responsible for the security of data within the company, in particular data pertaining to business growth and development
  • review of system security and IT infrastructure, organisational and technical means of personal data protection
  • audit on security means used for protecting the data collections processed in IT systems
  • representing clients in the proceedings before the Personal Data Protection Office and court proceedings regarding the protection of personal data and other information subject to legal protection