Intellectual Property

We advise clients on intellectual property matters related to the protection of copyrights, databases, image rights, business secrets, and personal rights.

Our IP assistance complement services provided by the  JWP Patent & Trademark Attorneys, who specialize in the protection of inventionstrademarksindustrial design and strategic advisory along with litigation in cases concerning industrial property. The offer of both firms working within the framework of JWP Group provides full protection of intangible rights of entrepreneurs, inventors, creators and companies.

Our clients come from various industries, including companies specialized in new technologies, video games and software creators and producers (also fin-tech and tech-med), media, publishers and entities dealing with culture and art, industrial and interior designers, architects, fashion designers and clothing companies. We advise our clients in the course of developing and implementing new technologies based on IT and digital solutions, also with regard to artificial intelligence (AI), extended and virtual reality as well as solutions based on cloud and blockchain.

Our services in the field of intellectual property law include:

  • representing clients in proceedings before courts of all instances and before the Supreme Court, as well as the courts of the European Union in court disputes concerning intellectual property rights
  • drawing up copyright agreements, including agreements transferring proprietary copyrights, licence agreements and unnamed agreements with copyrights-related implications
  • transactional (legal and tax-related) advice pertaining to contracts for the assignment of intellectual property rights
  • drawing up and negotiating contracts for the granting of the right to use the image for commercial purposes
  • advising on media crisis situations
  • developing strategies to protect the reputation and image of well-known persons from damage, and the good name of legal persons
  • drafting and negotiating of contracts for the creation of works (including websites, software, databases) and distribution contracts
  • drawing up comprehensive legal opinions concerning copyrights, rights to databases, business secret, protection of the image, personal rights, including opinions on potential infringements as well as expert opinions the legal implications of buying and selling proprietary copyrights
  • conducting audits of intellectual property rights and of the legality of software
  • legal advice on website management and advertising campaigns on the Internet and social networking sites
  • consulting in the field of e-commerce, including developing a legal strategy for the management of own and acquired intellectual property and e-commerce of works
  • providing training on various aspects of intellectual property protection, taking into account the characteristics of particular industries, e.g. the film, publishing, or creative industries