Competition & Consumers


We advise on competition and consumer protection mattters. For our clients we provide risk assement analysis on infringing the competition law in order to avoid anti-competitive behaviour. We represent clients before anti-monopoly authorities and the Court of Competition and Consumer Protection, as well as legal assistance in settling the disputes with competitors amicably.

We support firms in cases concerning unfair competition with respect to:

  • matters related to combating unfair competition, including the copying of products, and the labelling of goods/services as required by law
  • sefeguarding their business secret and concluding effective non-competition agreements
  • preparation of legal opinions and advice on how to use marketing practices in a manner protecting against the accusations of committing an act of unfair competition

We provide comprehensive services with regard to consumer rights by:

  • ensuring comprehensive legal assistance in developing business solutions compliant with legal requirements, taking into account the practices challenged by consumer protection authorities and considering market conditions
  • drafting contracts, regulations and contract forms
  • helping in the designing of sales systems (e.g. methods of offering goods, payment methods, returns, warranties and guarantees) in B2B relations, including entrepreneurs providing electronic services (e-commerce)
  • assisting in developing sales strategies as well as distribution and discount policies
  • providing legal support in marketing activities (advertising, promotional materials) and on-line communication directed at consumers

Our legal advisory services further include:

  • assessment of the risk of infringing, among others, acts on consumer rights, unfair market practices, distance and off-premises sales as well as abusive clauses and sector-specific regulations
  • help in implementing the regulations on labelling products and placing them on the market. We cooperate with entities interested in cross-border transactions with consumers within the European Union and entities using new technologies in contacting and providing services to the end-receiver
  • representing clients in cases for using practices infringing the collective interest of consumers before the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection and the Court of Competition and Consumer Protection as well as individual disputes with consumers. We also provide open and in-house trainings on consumer sales, tailored to the way the business and industry operates