Corporate Crime


We specialize in the area of criminal business law, which – in contrast to typical criminal cases –not only requires thorough knowledge of the provisions of criminal law, but also the ability to associate them with the underlying regulation in various areas of commercial law.

White collar crimes, also known as economic crimes, are currently subject to a very wide range of extremely diverse regulations, from codified offences against creditors or managerial mismanagement, through penal fiscal law regulations, to a number of penal regulations contained in specific laws.

Not only do the members of our firm’s criminal business law department have extensive experience in these types of cases, they also have scientific and teaching experience and have had articles on this topic published in renowned law journals. It is this unique combination that enables us to obtain unprecedented decisions for our clients in such cases.

Our services in the field of criminal business law include:

  • legal representation in criminal and penal fiscal proceedings before superior courts, including as defence lawyers for the accused and as attorneys of the auxiliary prosecutor
  • legal representation before the Supreme Court with regard to cassation proceedings
  • legal representation in proceedings before the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg with regard to complaints of violation of the right to a fair trial in criminal cases, including complaints about the excessive lengthiness of criminal proceedings
  • conducting proceedings under the Act on the Liability of Collective Entities for Acts Prohibited under Penalty
  • mediation in criminal proceedings
  • drawing up legal opinions regarding the criminal law protection of business transactions
  • conducting training courses on relevant regulations of criminal business law